Meet The Team: Bindy Coda


Voice of Joster

Bindy comes to us with over eight years of spectacular vocal experience, casting, direction, and sound design. She also has been able to work for people, places, and things big (government e-learning) and small (indie animators). Bindy keeps it fresh by being active in online communities and handing out pointers and parodies for others.

When she's not creating dynamic character sounds, she's an avid collector of authentic and unique microphones. From geeking out on audio, to a love of all electronics, her days are filled with fun and productivity.  Next up, building her own "aggressively pink" Neumann u87 clone condenser to contrast the collection of Blue microphones.

To speak to matters of gaming, anything cute and turn-based strategy related tickles her pink. She admits a certain weakness for Nintendo, with Pokemon Red being her very first game. Among her favorites, they are:

  • Pokemon (Ranger and Conquest hold a special place)
  • The World Ends with You
  • Fire Emblem Awakening