Meet The Team: Travis Miller


Oh Captain, My Captain - Founder and Lead Developer

By leaps and bounds, our leader is chock full of creativity, elaborately woven stories, and entertainingly insane ideas.

As far as origin stories go, Travis started on the path of being an artist in order to make his ideas a reality, yet found a strength in programming that turned his ideas into short Flash games. It was only logical that he was destined to start his own company, and gather other creative people to help make his ideas an even bigger reality. Armed with his fancy college education in game design, and the inspirational name from his first card game that he ever made as a kid, PandaShock Games burst forth (like a phoenix) to become the Rochester-based game studio that you see before you. His commitment to fantastic storytelling, and engaging player interactions is the driving force to the creations of PandaShock, and continue to break the norms of traditional gaming.

During the "enormous" amounts of downtime that he has, Travis enjoys regularly playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.  "You can learn everything about a person by the way they choose to play," Travis would say as his friends would suddenly become self-conscious of their every move... and roll their 20 sided die.

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Undertale
  • Legend of Dragoon

(Post script: the decision to list ONLY the top three games was no decision to be taken lightly)