Meet The Team: MC Jimmy


Musician/SFX Artist

MC Jimmy (aka James Calocerinos) is the heart and soul behind the sound effects, theme music, intros, and anything musical for Overquill. His skills and proficiency extends to real life instruments such as the piano, guitar, bass, and mandolin to name a few.  He's also composed soundtracks for certain fan and indie video games.

MCJ got his first bite of the gaming bug by a classic NES system back when he was still in diapers. As far as his mad skills that pay said bills, his artist name was gifted to him from his 7th grade Social Studies teacher after he made up an impromptu rap about Lewis and Clark. It goes without saying that his group project teammates were lucky to have him onboard that day, as they had nothing ready to present.

Top three favorite video games ever:

  • Gyrus (NES)
  • Sky Shark (NES)
  • The whole franchise of Civilization (PC)