An Overquill Beginning


Greetings Panda Shock Fans!

We have exciting news. It will excite you. Get ready.

Ok, so its really a couple things actually. We are pushing full steam ahead with game development for Overquill. I bet you thought you'd not hear about that game anytime soon. Well guess again!

News from the backend reports huge success with the tool JIRA. The team has adapted a quasi-agile method to project management and its a hit! This means you can expect to hear more from us on development progress, as well as regular updates. I told you you'd be excited. So far, we've made great strides in the foundational development for the first level of the game, and continue to push forward. This includes collision detection, basic character movements on the map, and the first level story. Just look at the fun walking our two characters Crafter and Joster can do!

This ALSO means (drum roll please), a complete demo and kickstarter before New Years. Consider it an early Christmas (or solstice) present. we'll keep you posted for that.

Not only are we having a ton of fun working hard on game mechanics and the like, but were also planning a pretty big overhaul of the studio website. You can expect to see an easy-to-navigate interface that puts the latest happenings up front for you to see. It'll also mean more fun things for you to do with us! "What are you talking about, 'do' with you?", you may ask. I'm talking about social events (IRL), contest, conversations in the forum... Oh, I didn't mention the forum. There's a forum. You can get free stuff there. It's a fun place. Check it out.

If you haven't already heard the latest from our composer, we have the base-fight-theme finalized called "Written From Existence." Give it a listen. This song was inspired from the "Anticipation" track that our composer Jimmy created for another project. Travis then commissioned him to create the original piece for Overquill, and BAM, magic happened. Thanks to some super spiffy software mixing, Jimmy was able to create an awesome track for battles that was more than our 8-bit dreams could have hoped for.