Dev: Overquill Opening Sequence and Title Near Completion

Hey everyone,

This post marks the beginning of a series in my blog that will let you guys know what I'm working on for Overquill and how much progress has been made.  For your convenience, I will put 'Dev' in the title of all development/ progress related posts.

So what did I cook up?  So far, I have created:

  1. The opening scene (art pending) (music completed).
  2. The Overquill title screen (art pending) (music completed).
  3. A leveraged version of Dynamic Textbox Engine to allow me greater control over dialogue.
  4. A bare bones sandbox featuring the player character and an empty room.  This will be used as our testing ground for our assets.

There isn't a lot to see currently, but I will give you guys a look at some of the concept art in the works as well as some music.

Here is the concept art of the main character: 

...and the walk cycle of the character:

And here is the main title sequence song:

Stay tuned!