Some Good News and Some Bad News


Hello everybody!

I write to you all today to share both some good news and some bad news regarding my progress on my work with PandaShock Games.  

First the bad news.  And really guys, this isn't all that bad.  

I finished a working demo of Wasteland Renegades, including a full deck of cards and a few successful play tests.  I also made a KickStarter video showing off my product and explaining what I needed to raise for the project to succeed.  Then I went on vacation, had some time to unplug, step back, and look at the full picture of what I was doing.  I watched the play test videos, the Kick Starter video and even shuffled through some of the printed cards of the demo.  

I wasn't impressed with it.  I saw the cards and knew I could do better.  I watched the video, and knew I didn't want to sound like a typical corporate HR training video.  That's not me.  I don't really sound like that.   I had the KickStarter ready to launch, approved and everything.  But something inside me prevented me from hitting the "Launch" button to begin the campaign.

I then began to ask the questions.  Why am I making this game?  What is the passion that drives this project.  As I have claimed in previous posts, there are two projects: Wasteland Renegades, the card game, and Overquill, a video game.  The card game itself was fun  and people I playtested it with seemed to like it fine.  But really, in the end, Wasteland Renegades was a project I started to see if I could handle getting it out the door and selling something to build a fan base for PSG.  I had no passion behind this project.  It was just a thing I would use to aid the launch of Overquill.

So, I thought, why not just make Overquill?  It's a good concept, and in the end, that's what I really want to do.  My degree is in Game Design and Development.  I'm a programmer.  I'm no artist, and this card game is almost entirely based on the art.  My friends, I am sorry to announce the news that Wasteland Renegades will be placed on hold until Overquill is complete.

Now for the good news.

Overquill is in full swing.  I've worked on a lot of the demo and have acquired plenty of art and sounds to use for it.  And guys, the talent behind the sound and artwork is fan-freaking-tastic.  Our very own, Rolando Ortiz is heading up the artistic side of things, including sprites, still images and backgrounds, while James "MC-Jimmy" Calocerinos handles our sound effects, theme songs and voice acting.  These two individuals have proved to me that they are just as dedicated to this project as I am, and I am happy to call them members of my team.

During the development of this game, I will be posting what I'm working on and keeping you all updated on what you can expect when the demo comes out.  The idea is to have the demo done by the end of July, but since I want to really get this polished and running well, that date is subject to change.

Stay tuned during the next few days and I will post my progress of the game on my blog.  

Never Stop Gaming.