Wasteland Renegades KickStarter Delayed Until March

Hey everybody!

After doing some soul searching and some re-evaluation of my progress, I have decided to push back the KickStarter Launch date for Wasteland Renegades until March.  There are many reasons for this but the most prominent one is that I want to make sure I have a strong enough web presence and advertising for the campaign before it actually goes to launch.  

I'm not a fan of launching the campaign freely and hoping that news will travel and my work will be good enough to attract backers.  I want to make sure that if I'm going to launch and make my idea public, that it will be worth people's time to witness and that it is my absolute best foot forward.  I am confident that with a bit more time and some additional work on my end, I can strengthen that leap into the public space.

I am currently working on a video to release to the social media outlets that will explain the project and show off some demo work.  In the meantime, please share the site with others as I will be releasing more information about Wasteland Renegades and other projects in the near future.