New Team Members!


Hey everybody!  We have a few new faces joining the PandaShock Games team.  They will be providing me assets such as sprite sheets, background images, sound effects and music that will be used in Wasteland Renegades and Overquill.  Each of them are very talented and were hand selected because of their previous work and affinity to my projects.  So without further delay, let's introduce these folks!

Constance "Connie" Cartwright:

Connie is one of the artists that will be working with me on Wasteland Renegades and Overquill.  She is a graduate of Daemen College in Amherst, NY and enjoys cartoons and digital art.  Connie is very skilled with creating original character designs in both cel-shaded and blended styles.  For Wasteland Renegades, she will be doing the artwork for hero characters Nitro and Titan, as well as both of their decks.

Phoebe Johnson:

Phoebe is another artist that will be helping me out with some of the images in Wasteland Renegades and Overquill.  Phoebe is a go-getter and very creative.  She has many side projects, including writing a book called "Ethan and Mat", a story about an autistic artist and a photographer.  For Wasteland Renegades, she will be creating the images for hero characters Fortune and Cyfusion.

James "MC Jimmy" Calocerinos:

James is a musician residing in Utica, NY,  who specializes in 8-bit chiptunes and hybrid-style songs.  He will be creating some of the music and sound effects for Overquill.  James has had plenty of experience making music for games and creating whole soundtracks.  I will be creating a demo of Overquill very soon which will feature his music.

With these three new additions to the team, I will be able to produce high quality games in a timely manner.  Stay tunes for future updates as they will include work from all three of these skilled individuals.