Meet the Team: Jason "Dev-man" VanEpps

Writer of Glorious Yarns, and Junior Developer of Fantastical Sprites

Jason was born in the land of the internet, and finds himself most comfortable surrounded by story-driven games, his two hell-raising girls, and his passion for both. His writing experience has us all on the edge of our seats to read what narratives will be spun for our Overquill characters. With the long-standing, torrid love affair he's been having with gaming, our hopes are high to see equally robust stories like that of his first loves Commander Keen, Counter-Strike, and StarCraft.

On a more personal level, Jason also has a passion for raising awareness about Cerebral Palsy because of the impact that it has on his family.

His skills as a writer and as a developer are received with open arms, and eager ears. Welcome Jason!

While the list is longer, his top 3 games are:

  • Morrowind
  • Chrono Trigger
  • World of Warcraft (the worlds best online matchmaker)