Let the Play Testing Begin!

With the official start of the play testing, the major pieces of the game are coming together splendidly. The team used Roll 20 as a base to facilitate the rapid prototyping of the game mechanic concepts, and work through the functionality of the play. This allowed them to quickly get to the nitty gritty fun parts while the details and visuals are still being built on the backend.

In the beginning there was the play test, and it was good.

In the beginning there was the play test, and it was good.

So far, the play test revealed that some of the working aspects of the game are quirky and fun, which make you want to explore it more, and try other combos. The play is creative, and intuitive, and is really opening the doors to create a user experience that reflects that in a fun way. The characters are growing and developing bigger and better personalities, and require them to attack with a full set of newly defined words to battle with during encounters.

While the game is still within its infancy, the energy, passion, and creativity of the vision is strong, and can be seen in every aspect of the design. If you're interested in getting in on the action and signing up for a play test, send us a message! Let's play!

In other development news, the progress of the story is doing well in the form of voice clips from our actors. We will post those soon to give you a better idea of some of the dialogue you can expect. The backend is beefing up with a complete XML parser, and a fresh and finished battle engine. Vroom vroom!