PandaShock Games is a game development studio based out of Rochester, NY founded in December of 2015.  The focus of the studio is to tell awesome stories in a creative and fun way and to involve the gaming community in the creation of every game. Many of the principals of storytelling, development and design implemented in the creation process come from the founder's philosophies, ideas and years of experience in creating games.  Below is a list of our hand-picked, talented staff.

Founder, CEO and Lead Developer

Travis Miller

Founder and Lead Developer.

Character Stats: +2 Constitution, +4 Intelligence, +4 Charisma

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Metal Gear Solid 3

  • Undertale

  • Legend of Dragoon

Jason VanEpps

Writer and Junior Developer

Character Stats: +5 Sarcasm, +2 Procrastination, +6 Charisma

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Morrowind

  • Chrono Trigger

  • World of Warcraft (marital match-maker edition)

Lead Musician

James "Mc-Jimmy" Calocerinos

Lead Composer.

Character Stats: +6 Awesome Beats, +4 Music Theory, -1 Dancing

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Gyruss (NES)

  • Sky Shark (NES)

  • The Whole Franchise of Civilization (PC)


Jason "Pixel" Perry

Head Artist.

Character Stats: +8 Pixel Perfection, +5 Game Development, +2 Mystery

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Banjo-Kazooie + Tooie
  • Metroid Prime
  • BioShock

Head of PR and Site Admin

Dani Bonanni

Content Generator, Social Media Manager and Wrangler of Dragons.

Character Stats: +4 User Experience Design , +4 Organization, +11 Knitting Obsession

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Tetris / Tetris Attack

  • Portal / Portal 2

  • PokemonGo

Voice Actor

John Cooke 

Voice Actor - Overquill.

Character Stats: +4 Commanding Presence, +4 Vocals, +2 Humor

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Red Dead Redempton

  • Skyrim

  • Metal Gear Solid

Voice Actress

Bindy Coda

Voice Actress - Overquill.

Character Stats: +6 Cute, +9 Troll, -3 Diction

Special Attack: Hyper Sonic Squeak "fsdfgjklowoifoapipgfjfpojfap!!!"

Top three favorite games ever:

  • Pokemon (Ranger and Conquest hold a special place)

  • The World Ends with You

  • Fire Emblem Awakening

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